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As a club, we need not only to serve our membership, we need to engage the community. By engaging the community and letting them know what we do, more people will understand the significance of our club. Better understanding will lead to more community-wide support, in turn making the club attractive to new members. In order to attract, retain and grow our club membership, we need to Engage!

"Rotary is its own best kept secret"

Do your neighbors know the good OUR Rotary Club brings to the community?

Would YOU join a Club if you didn't know what it did?


Simple to use!  As a contributor, you just upload Club news and information to Rotary Engage!, then, on a weekly schedule, the system will automatically send it to your Newsletter subscribers, Facebook, etc.  Therefore it's imperative that the Club and membership actively work to grow a robust email list. So, if you know someone that would like to receive Chatham Rotary Engage! newsletter sign them up here.  It's also possible to offer the Club program presenters the opportunity to contribute "their message" to the newsletter as a "thank you" from our club (just send them a link). To become an Engage! Contributor, simply send us a contributor request using the button below. 

IMPORTANT: We suggest all committee chairs and club officers become contributors, this insures a steady stream of information to the Chatham Rotary Engage! newsletter.

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