The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty. Supporting the Rotary Foundation is one of the four pillars of an effective club in the Club Leadership Plan.

According to RI Club Leadership guidelines, ALL COMMITTEES have the following responsibilities:

  • Attend your district training assembly
  • Working with the president-elect, select and prepare your committee members
  • Create subcommittees as needed
  • Meet regularly and plan activities
  • Set committee goals to help achieve the club’s goals for the year and monitor progress toward them
  • Manage your committee’s budget
  • Work with your club’s other committees and your district committee on multiclub activities or initiatives
  • Report committee activities and progress to the club president, board of directors, and the full club
  • Determine what else your club expects your committee to do


According to RI Club Leadership guidelines, the FOUNDATION COMMITTEE's responsibilities include:

  • Promote Foundation grants and activities and help members participate in them
  • Inspire club members to give to The Rotary Foundation
  • Create subcommittees as needed (for example, global grants, district grants, annual giving, major gifts, PolioPlus)
  • Attend the grant management seminar to qualify your club for Rotary grants
  • Oversee the qualification process for Rotary global grants
  • Conduct inspirational Foundation-focused club programs at least four times a year
  • Work with your treasurer to manage any Rotary grant funds your club receives
  • Work with the service projects committee to develop and fund projects


FOUNDATION COMMITTEE - Club Specific Duties and Tasks

  • MEETINGS - Chair should hold monthly committee meetings and keep minutes
  • COMMUNICATE - Engage committee members using pMail group (DaCdb)
  • COMMUNICATE - Contribute to RotaryEngage (Public Awareness)
  • BOARD - Chair should appoint a Rep to present a brief at each Board Meeting
  • FUNDS - No budget.  Manages TRF pledges, donations and contributions
  • FUNDS - Oversee the timely deposit of funds to The Rotary Foundation (TRF)
  • FUNDS - Monitor, review and manage the Committee P&L Report
  • EDUCATE - Explain how the role of TRF differs from RI
  • EDUCATE - Give programs on SHARE and the District Designated Fund
  • EDUCATE - Present the different option available to support "Your Foundation"
  • EDUCATE - Present and track Club Giving goals (Annual Fund & PolioPlus)
  • EDUCATE - Review Club and member PHF points and how they work
  • PROMOTE - Encourage members to be Sustainers and EREY participants
  • PROMOTE - Encourage support of the PolioPlus initiative
  • PROMOTE - Membership in the Paul Harris Society (and District level Fellowships)
  • PROMOTE - Long term giving: Benefactor, Bequest Society and Major Donor
  • GRANTS - Apply and manage District matching and collaborative grants
  • GRANTS - Apply and manage TRF Global Grants
  • INVESTMENTS - Oversee the Rotary Club of Chatham Fund (CFDRR)
  • INVESTMENTS - Provide an interface with the Chatham Rotary Foundation
  • WEBSITE - Review and update Foundation Section of CRC website (Public)
  • WEBSITE - Review and update Foundation Section of RotaryEngage (Private)
  • AWARDS - Assist Admin. committee in applying for District Awards
  • AWARDS - Gold Club, Presidential Citation and various Club Awards
  • AWARDS - Recognize members as key donors and new PHF members


One of the Rotary Foundation committee’s responsibilities is sharing stories with club members about how The Rotary Foundation makes service projects possible. When members connect Rotary projects with Foundation funding, they are inspired to get involved and contribute to the important work of the Foundation.


Apply for grants to enhance the quality and impact of your club’s projects. Better projects will make your club more attractive to new members. Get members involved as planners and volunteers. Once they have seen the impact of a successful service project, they will be inspired to promote Rotary, the Foundation, and your club.The Rotary Foundation offers grants that support a wide variety of projects, scholarships, and training that members organize around the world. There are two grant types: district and global.


Rotary’s top priority is the global certification of polio eradication. Through club members’ fundraising efforts, Rotary has contributed over $1 billion to the PolioPlus campaign. In addition, members make up a large volunteer network at the local level, providing support at clinics and mobilizing communities for immunization or other polio eradication activities. Your club can help achieve the goal of global polio eradication by participating in three key ways: advocacy, fundraising and education.