How we decide what we are doing and get things done


Except in rare circumstances, all matters concerning the operational or financial aspects of Our Club will be evaluated by the committees first and only brought to the Board as a recommendation after it has been approved at the committee level. Also, certain matters raised by the Board, or brought directly to the Board's attention, shall initially be referred to the committees for consideration.  This approach is intended to allow the Board to focus on overall Club operations, allowing the details and all options to be discussed and evaluated within committee before the Board is involved.


All major Club operational or financial decisions brought before the Board, either directly or up through the committees, will be discussed and voted on by the Board. All votes must be recorded in the Board Minutes.  The business of Our Club shall be transacted by viva voce vote except a contested election of officers and directors, which shall be by ballot.  The board may determine that a specific resolution be considered by ballot rather than by viva voce vote.

One-third of the membership shall constitute a quorum at the annual and regular meetings of this club. A majority of the directors shall constitute a quorum of the board.