Integrating Drones

Lieutenant Scott Campbell, Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office

The Chatham Rotary Club hosted Lieutenant Scott Campbell, Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office, headlining our noon program.   Scott has been with the Sheriff’s Office since 1998 and his present job duties include the Bureau of Professional Standards and Internal Controls, Human Resources and he is a FAA Certified Drone pilot.  Scott is also an active member of the Danville Life Saving Crew. 

As a trained and licensed Drone Pilot for the Department, Scott gave an overview of the integration of unmanned aerial systems (Drones) into the employ of law enforcement.  His discussions include a short video, and a discussion on the Federal Aviation Administration’s policies and procedures as they relate to the use of Drones by law enforcement and the public.  Scott’s interesting discussion highlighted some of the life-threatening situations he had faced in the past as part of the Life Saving Crew and how Drones could have reduced the dangers to both the rescuers and to the victims.

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