ADMINISTRATION COMMITTEE - Club Specific Duties and Tasks

  • MEETINGS - Chair should hold monthly committee meetings and keep minutes
  • COMMUNICATE - Engage committee members using pMail group (DaCdb)
  • COMMUNICATE - Contribute to RotaryEngage (Public Awareness)
  • BOARD - Chair should appoint a Rep to present a brief at each Board Meeting
  • FUNDING - Committee is funded entirely from membership dues
  • BUDGET - Covers RI/District Dues, Meeting Space, Food, Operating Costs
  • BUDGET - Monitor, review and manage the Committee P&L Report
  • RECORDS - Manage Club data on District database (DaCdb). Sync with RI.
  • RECORDS - Manage and report Club goals on RI Club Central
  • WEBSITE - Review and update Admin. Section of CRC website (Public)
  • WEBSITE - Review and update Admin. Section of RotaryEngage (Private)
  • DISTRICT - Monitor key District/RI dates and report to Board
  • AWARDS - Assist committees in applying and achieving District Awards
  • AWARDS - Gold Club, Presidential Citation and various Club Awards
  • AWARDS - Recognize Club Members and Community Leaders for service
  • PROGRAMS - Develop and promote an interesting calendar of weekly speakers
  • FOOD - Notify caterer of our needs and cancelled meetings
  • FOOD - Plan the Club Christmas and Summer members only parties
  • ATTENDANCE - Monitor attendance, working with Membership Committee

According to RI Club Leadership guidelines, ALL COMMITTEES have the following responsibilities:

  • Attend your district training assembly
  • Working with the president-elect, select and prepare your committee members
  • Create subcommittees as needed
  • Meet regularly and plan activities
  • Set committee goals to help achieve the club’s goals for the year and monitor progress toward them
  • Manage your committee’s budget
  • Work with your club’s other committees and your district committee on multiclub activities or initiatives
  • Report committee activities and progress to the club president, board of directors, and the full club
  • Determine what else your club expects your committee to do

According to RI Club Leadership guidelines, the ADMINISTRATION COMMITTEE's responsibilities include:

  • Plan your club’s meetings, assemblies, and other activities
  • Send member communications
  • Create subcommittees as needed (for example, club meeting planning, club newsletter and website, social events, attendance)
  • Facilitate connections among club members
  • Take attendance (assist Club Secretary)
  • Maintain the club website and social media sites

The role of the club administration committee is to perform the operational tasks that make the club meetings successful. The club meeting shapes members’ Rotary experience. Meetings should be fun and interactive. Clubs need active, engaged members in order to provide service to their communities and attract new members. 

Our regular weekly club meetings are held at the lunch hour, so for a minimal cost, lunch is provided.  This committee is responsible for contracting caterers and choosing menus. 

The Administration Committee is responsible for developing the agendas, or programs, for all club meetings. Be creative and try different things to appeal to your members’ different interests. Not only can we have regular meeting but also consider hands-on work meetings, family socials, and club assemblies.