Public relations efforts are vital to Rotary’s continued growth and service. Creating a positive image for Rotary is the responsibility of every Rotarian, both locally and globally. Effective PR campaigns build positive, strong relationships with their audiences. But promoting Rotary’s work in the best possible way and sharing your stories effectively with the public and the media are not easy tasks.

According to RI Club Leadership guidelines, ALL COMMITTEES have the following responsibilities:

  • Attend your district training assembly
  • Working with the president-elect, select and prepare your committee members
  • Create subcommittees as needed
  • Meet regularly and plan activities
  • Set committee goals to help achieve the club’s goals for the year and monitor progress toward them
  • Manage your committee’s budget
  • Work with your club’s other committees and your district committee on multiclub activities or initiatives
  • Report committee activities and progress to the club president, board of directors, and the full club
  • Determine what else your club expects your committee to do


According to RI Club Leadership guidelines, the PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE's responsibilities include:

  • Create awareness of club activities and projects among club members, media, and the community
  • Support the work of the membership and other committees
  • Create subcommittees as needed (for example, media relations, advertising/marketing, special events)
  • Learn key points for talking about Rotary and use them when speaking in public
  • Use social media to promote awareness of Rotary and your club in the community
  • Make sure your club’s image is in line with Rotary’s public image
  • Share your club’s Rotary stories with the local media
  • Become familiar with Rotary’s public relations resources

PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE - Club Specific Duties and Tasks

  • MEETINGS - Chair should hold monthly committee meetings and keep minutes
  • COMMUNICATE - Engage committee members using pMail group (DaCdb)
  • COMMUNICATE - Contribute to RotaryEngage (Public Awareness)
  • BOARD - Chair should appoint a Rep to present a brief at each Board Meeting
  • FUNDING - Committee must request an annual budget to promote the Club
  • FUNDING - When approved, the budget will be allocated by the Board
  • BUDGET - Covers marketing collateral and website/social medial costs
  • BUDGET - Monitor, review and manage the Committee P&L Report
  • IMAGE - Oversee all communications, to insure a consistent public image
  • IMAGE - Manage integration between email, website and social media platforms
  • COMMUNICATE - Embrace RotaryEngage as the communication tool (Public)
  • COMMUNICATE - Assist committees in becoming RotaryEngage contributors.
  • COMMUNICATE - Promote Rotary and our Club's good work to the community
  • COMMUNICATE - Encourage Program Presenters to utilize RotaryEngage.
  • SUPPORT - Assist ALL committees in the successful use of Club PR tools
  • WEBSITE - Review and update Public Relations Section of CRC website (Public)
  • WEBSITE - Review and update Public Relations Section of RotaryEngage (Private)
  • AWARDS - Assist Admin. committee in applying for District Awards
  • AWARDS - Gold Club, Presidential Citation and various Club Awards


The PR Committee creates awareness of club activities and projects among club members, media and the community.


Learn and use the key talking points about Rotary when speaking in public, and share club stories with local media.


Use social media to promote awareness of the club.  Direct members and the public to a well-maintained website.