According to RI Club Leadership guidelines, ALL COMMITTEES have the following responsibilities:

  • Attend your district training assembly
  • Working with the president-elect, select and prepare your committee members
  • Create subcommittees as needed
  • Meet regularly and plan activities
  • Set committee goals to help achieve the club’s goals for the year and monitor progress toward them
  • Manage your committee’s budget
  • Work with your club’s other committees and your district committee on multiclub activities or initiatives
  • Report committee activities and progress to the club president, board of directors, and the full club
  • Determine what else your club expects your committee to do


According to RI Club Leadership guidelines, the PROJECTS COMMITTEE's responsibilities include:

  • Plan projects, carry them out, and evaluate them
  • Identify opportunities for signature projects that will increase your club’s recognition in the community
  • Work with other organizations, volunteers, and committee members to maximize the impact of your projects
  • Lead efforts to raise money for projects and spearhead the Club's fundraising efforts
  • Understand liability issues that affect your club projects and activities
  • Work with the public relations committee to promote projects
  • Collaborate with other clubs on projects

PROJECTS COMMITTEE - Club Specific Duties and Tasks

  • MEETINGS - Chair should hold monthly committee meetings and keep minutes
  • COMMUNICATE - Engage committee members using pMail group (DaCdb)
  • COMMUNICATE - Contribute to RotaryEngage (Public Awareness)
  • BOARD - Chair should appoint a Rep to present a brief at each Board Meeting
  • BUDGET - No budget. Seed-funds may be required for some projects
  • BUDGET - Non-fundraising activities funded by request to Donations Committee
  • BUDGET - Monitor, review and manage the Committee P&L Report
  • BUDGET - Make sure each project is closed and presented to the Board
  • SERVICE - Organize hands-on projects to support local community initiatives
  • SERVICE - Community projects should promote Rotary as a community leader
  • SERVICE - Brand projects, take photo/video, promote using RotaryEngage
  • SOCIALS - Assist Admin and Membership with parties and social events
  • SOCIALS - Organize the Annual Chatham Rotary Festival
  • FUNDRAISING - Organize events to raise money for future Club donations
  • FUNDRAISING - Spearhead the Club flagship event - Chatham Rotary Auction
  • ATTENDANCE - Report all participants to Secretary for attendance tracking
  • WEBSITE - Review and update Projects Section of CRC website (Public)
  • WEBSITE - Review and update Projects Section of RotaryEngage (Private)
  • AWARDS - Assist Admin. committee in applying for District Awards
  • AWARDS - Gold Club, Presidential Citation and various Club Awards
Community Service


Identify opportunities for signature projects that will increase your club’s recognition in the community. When possible, work with other organizations, volunteers, and committee members to maximize the impact of your projects.  Work alongside PR Committee to inform the community about the project.


The Projects Committee supports efforts to raise money for projects.  Several of our annual projects include the Rotary Auction, Evening in the Park, and the Callands Stew Sale.



Our club has several events each year;  these events may be considered projects; the Projects Committee works alongside the PR Committee to ensure success of each event.